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About Me

aboutpj1littlegoblinsMy memoir, An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story, took me twenty-two years to research and write.  I probably wrote about 10,000 drafts.  Though I don’t wish this on anyone, writing the book taught me everything I know about writing and life.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything – but I truly do not intend to spend twenty-two years on my next nonfiction book for adults!

Story Circle Review called my memoir “a fine, five-star read.”  I’m just happy because everyone who has read it so far has done so one sitting.  You can buy the book here.

I am also the author of over twenty-five children’s books published by Houghton Mifflin, Penguin-Putnam, HarperCollins, and others.  My newest picture book is Little Elfie One (HarperCollins, illustrated by New York Times best-selling illustrator, Jane Manning). It is the sequel to Little Goblins Ten also illustrated by Jane Manning.  For more about my children’s books and writing for children, visit pamelajane.com.


Pride and Prejudice and Kitties: A Cat-Lover’s Romp Through Jane Austen Classic with co-author Deborah Guyol, was featured in The Wall Street JournalThe Huffington Post, ALA Booklist, BBC America and The New York Times Review of Books, and The Daily Dot who wrote “Forget zombies, Jane Austen + kitties = brilliance.”   I am a writer and advice columnist for womensmemoirs.com, and have published essays and short stories in The Antigonish ReviewThe Philadelphia Inquirer, and Literary Mama who published my essay, The Ambivalent Agnostic:  An Adoption Story.  An excerpt of my memoir appeared in The Writer.  I blog regularly for the Huffington Post.

I am a writing coach and editor, so if you’ve got a children’s book, novel or a memoir inside of you just waiting to get out on the page, contact me.  Also see my coaching page, here.

I am currently at work on a humorous travelogue about living abroad with my family in Florence, Italy.

Some recently published essays and posts list are below; look for more soon in The Huffington Post and mothersalwayswrite.

Recent favorite essays and posts:

Texas1 blog (1)The Ambivalent Agnostic: An Adoption Story (Literary Mama)

I was in my 40s when I decided to quit a cushy secretarial job at a Park Avenue law firm in order to write full-time. The move felt risky. My husband, a professor at NYU, was 17 years older, and the loss of my pay check cut our already modest income in half. But the fear, confusion, and indecision I felt was only partly due to our precarious finances. The main reason was because we had just decided to adopt a baby…read on

Just wait blogJust Wait!  A Short Story Rejected in Grade School Becomes a Cause of Action (The Writer)

My eighth-grade English teacher, Mr. Mortem, was a malevolent-looking man with a low brow and small beady eyes. We joked that he moonlighted as an axe murderer. But he was even scarier as an English teacher…read on


fade out blogFade-Out:  The Art of Sub-Sexting (Dirtyandthirty.com)

People always want you to write graphically about sex. “What happened next?” they ask, or “what did it feel like?”  But when it comes to writing, I believe in the fade-out.  Look at Jane Austen; she’s a master of the fade-out…read on


Goblins blogI Just Want to Write About Halloween: I Don’t Want to Answer the Door!

As a children’s author of many holiday books, including five Halloween stories, you’d think I’d look forward to the actual holiday. But I can’t stand it…read on




Bass clef blog7 Things That Make Me Really Mad (Beginning with the Bass Clef) On Huff Po

  1. The bass clef

For a long time, I was mad at the bass clef. As a beginning piano player, I could see no reason for the bass clef other than to confuse me, which it did brilliantly…read on



Elfie blog

It’s Not About the Words (or panic is my process) How I wrote Little Elfie One for Harper (womensmemoirs)

It was easy to slip into the holiday spirit on a raw November morning as I sat down with pen and paper by the glowing wood stove. This was going to be so much fun! But after several hours of scribbling random rhymes, I started to panic…read on



Brittany blogGradually, Naturally, Gracefully (Mothersalwayswrite.com)

From the moment my husband, John, and I adopted our daughter, Annelise, I worried about how we would tell her that she was adopted. I wanted the realization to come gradually, naturally, gracefully. Of course, in the world of parenting, things rarely happen gradually, naturally, or gracefully…read on

lunch meeting

I Can’t Have a Baby Because I Have a 12:30 Lunch Meeting! (Mothersalwayswrite.com)

I had always wanted a baby. But having a baby at this juncture of my life felt like pushing my luck. We had little income, the farmhouse was tiny, and my husband was seventeen years older than I. And what if a baby meant I would have no time to write? I felt torn…read on

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